1. Construction Heat

    The ER10000W heater is a great product. I've been an Electrician for 44 years and during that time and many projects have seen just about every method of providing temporary heat to a project. Being on the Safety Committees for two major Contractors in the Metro Area, safety through the years has become the top concern of every business, even before performance. In the past butane and propane were…Read More

    Steve Langerak

    Since the foreign students do international travel during semester breaks, it is not uncommon for them to bring back their little hitch-hiking buddies with them. Thank you so much for your assistance.…Read More

  3. Pest Control Solutions

    ​We have no problems heating hotel/motel rooms with a 10,000 watt unit and a 5,000 watt unit in a few hours, and consistently reach temperatures of 130-150 degrees. We have been able to heat single family homes up to 2100 square ft. utilizing all available units we own, in 7-8 hours of run time. We have had nothing but success using your heat systems.…Read More

    Todd Grebleski, Owner Pest Control Solutions

    ​The 5000 watt unit gets hot, really hot. We like the fact that we can run 208 to 240 volts through it though at less than 30 or even 20 amps. This fits nicely with our set up on our spider box and generator combo.…Read More

    Richard Estrada II, President /Operator, ATCO Pest Control

    The Eradi-Flo is an outstanding, well manufactured, product! I could not be happier.…Read More

    Manager of Hotel from Alaska