Construction Heat

The ER10000W heater is a great product. I’ve been an Electrician for 44 years and during that time and many projects have seen just about every method of providing temporary heat to a project. Being on the Safety Committees for two major Contractors in the Metro Area, safety through the years has become the top concern of every business, even before performance.

In the past butane and propane were the go to source of heat, but those sources came with a price. If not handled and monitored correctly they became a huge safety issue for us and those working around us. Open flame, leaking bottles, faulty connections, air quality, lack of oxygen, presence of carbon monoxide, even moving the bottles and storing them safely are an issue. Bigger jobs where we can pipe in natural gas still pose some of those safety concerns. So, whenever we can and if the logistics of the job allows, we prefer to go electric.

With regards to performance, when you start using the ER10000 units, you’ll right away notice they are different. Funny, most people, the very first thing they do is put their hand in front of the heater to feel the warm air and to see how well the unit is working. These units you don’t feel that and of course right away assume there is something wrong with the unit. Not so. They work well. They simply move a lot of air, and they continue to circulate and temper the air, and temper the actual space itself.

One example and we’ve all seen this is on projects is where we are in the stage of finishing drywall, and beginning of paint. There is a massive amount of moisture in the space and trying to keep heat in the space with propane, is tough. Propane heat is adding more moisture to the space. People are amazed at how well the ER10000 electric heaters can maintain the temperature in the space along with drying out the applications of finishes so the job can progress in a timely manner. They are durable, we move them around the job site, from job to job and they seem to be holding their own. We have run these ER10000 heaters hard and have had very few issues with the quality and durability. Great Product.

Steve Langerak

General Superintendent

Local 68 Denver, Co.

Intermountain Electric 36 years

Guarantee Electric 6 years

Retired 2 years

"Steve Langerak - General Superintendent"