1. FAQs About Bed Bug Infestations

    If it’s your first time encountering a bed bug infestation, it can be hard to know how to properly handle the situation and effectively get rid of bed bugs. But at Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, we know bed bugs. That’s why we offer an entire selection of electric bed bug heaters to help you solve an…Read More

  2. How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs For Good

    If you’ve recently discovered bed bugs in your home or business, you’re probably scrambling to find a way to get rid of them — permanently. As you search for solutions, you’ll notice that there are a variety of methods used by bed bug exterminators, ranging from harshers chemicals to heat tr…Read More

  3. How Do You Treat Bed Bug Bites?

    When bed bugs invade your home, they will be on the hunt for food and, while you are sleeping, you are perfect prey for these hungry pests. Nothing is more unpleasant than waking up to itchy bites all over your body. Here at Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, we provide heaters that kill bed bugs to ensure t…Read More

  4. Can you just “wait bed bugs out?”

    Discovering your home or business is infested with bed bugs is not pleasant, and knowing your business or home is full of lurking bed bugs can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Business owners may worry about the financial hit they will have to take due to unoccupiable rooms and their business’s …Read More

  5. Can You Buy Bed Bug Heaters?

    As a trusted community rental center, there’s a good chance that you’ve probably wondered this on multiple occasions. Can you buy your own bed bug heaters? The answer: absolutely. From hardware stores to do-it-yourself rental centers, adding electric bed bug heaters into the fold can quickly imp…Read More

  6. Add Tri-Flo Products To Your Rental Center

    Attention home improvement stores and rental centers: did you know there is one product that you are missing from your inventory? Sure, you have all of the power tools, moving equipment, and other necessary items available for businesses and individuals alike to rent for quick DIY projects. But one …Read More

  7. Master Heat Technician Certification Now Available

    Looking to provide the best possible eradication services with our electric bed bug heaters? That is now easier than ever before. Not only can you find the best, most innovative electric bed bug heaters at the new Colorado Tri-Flo online store, but now you can also get the training you need to earn …Read More

  8. Bed Bug Home Remedies

    Have bed bugs taken over your home? Oh, no! Don’t fret, it isn’t an indictment of your cleanliness. These pesky little pests have a knack for latching on and invading anywhere they seem fit, whether it’s your sparkling clean home, a college dormitory, or even a five-star hotel. They are the ul…Read More