When it comes to restoration, construction, and even cleaning, there is no substitute for efficient, reliable heating solutions. That’s where industrial electric heaters come in handy.

At Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, we provide efficient, reliable, and portable industrial electric heating solutions for a variety of commercial applications. Our patented design allows for superior air-flow and ambient heat, which can come in handy and provide many more advantages than gas heaters.

The Tri-Flo Systems Eradi-Flo line of industrial electric heaters truly does it all. Let’s learn a bit more about the advantages of our heating systems.


When you trust Colorado Tri-Flo Systems for your industrial heating needs, you are experiencing convenience like never before.

Our industrial electric heaters are among the most portable heating units around. How so?

For one, they are lightweight and easy to transport from site to site while still providing efficient, ambient heat. That means you have more options, more uses, and more ability to take on those various jobs for your company.

But another important aspect is that our heaters run reliably by using the electric outlets that are right on site! That means no hassling with expensive, full-scale installations that take time and money for a unit that you can’t even transport to a different job site.


Because of their portability and durability, electric heaters can be used for a variety of applications. From heating construction sites to drying after a flood, to even bed bug eradication, there are no shortage of options with electric heaters.

Here are just a few examples of what you and/or your company can use our industrial electric heaters for:

And the list goes on! With electric heaters, you have the convenience of choosing where you bring your units. Whether you need to dry out a flood-damaged basement, or you simply need efficient heat for the winter months, we have you covered.


When compared to gas heaters and other potentially hazardous systems, electric heaters are among the safest units you will find.

Of course, electric heaters are simple to operate, maintain. But more importantly, these simple-to-operate, simple-to-maintain units run very little risk of combustion even in the most difficult environments.

Also, electric heaters don’t carry the risk of harmful gas emissions, like carbon monoxide, in the same way that gas heaters do. That means you, your work site, and your employees can work harder, smarter, and safer.


Generally speaking, industrial electric heaters last a whole lot longer than their gas counterparts. That’s because they are typically much more low maintenance without the need for specialized services, typically lasting between 20-30 years when handled properly.

Gas heaters, on the other hand, require frequent (and often costly) maintenance performed by an HVAC specialist.

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