Our Resources section contains the following:

  1. Tri-Flo Product Catalog
  2. Bed Bug Eradication Field Guide
  3. Whitepapers
  4. Temperature Reading Log
  5. ROI Calculator spreadsheet – with tabs for Pest Control and Hospitality/Property Management
  6. Eradi-Flo 1400 User Manual
  7. Eradi-Flo 1800 User Manual
  8. Eradi-Flo 5000 User Manual
  9. Eradi-Flo 10000 User Manual
  10. Product Warranty Notice
  11. ETL Listing
  12. CE Declaration of Conformity
  13. Eradi-Flo Engineering review
  14. State Bed Bug Laws
  15. BTU Calculator
  16. Financing Options
  17. Section 179 Tax Savings Calculator
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