What makes Puraclenz unique when compared to other air purifiers? +

Puraclenz is safe, powerless, and effortless. The technology works to create safe natural ions that fill the room, deactivating and killing pathogens that live in the air and on surfaces. This provides 24/7 disinfection with a protection process that has been scientifically proven effective.

Can Puraclenz kill COVID-19 and its mutated strains? +

Yes. Puraclenz is able to deactivate all three virus categories, including COVID-19 along with other mutated strains that appear. The EPA has standard protocols that define how viruses like COVID-19 are deactivated.

What other viruses does Puraclenz kill or deactivate? +

As we’ve mentioned above, Puraclenz ions are able to deactivate and kill viruses from all three categories. This includes:

  • Enveloped viruses, like H1N1 or H5N1
  • Small non-enveloped viruses like Norovirus
  • Large non-enveloped viruses like rhinovirus

How many square feet can Puraclenz protect? +

Puraclenz penetrates the nooks and crannies up to 3,000 square feet. This provides effective coverage for your home or business space.

Is Puraclenz safe for humans, animals, & plants? +

Yes, Puraclez is designed to be safe for use around people with no harmful side effects. Instead, the ions created through Puraclenz technology target Prokaryotic cells, like viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

Does Puraclenz technology emit ozone? +

No. Puraclenz technology uses a shielded UV bulb that doesn’t emit wavelengths below 250nm — above the 185nm needed to create ozone.

How can you order Puraclenz? +

You can order Puraclenz online at Colorado Tri-Flo Systems.