Eradicate Bed Bugs in Half the Time

Chemical treatments require, on average, 2.6 visits to completely eliminate a bed bug infestation. On top of that, industry data, scientific research, entomologists, and pest control experts have confirmed that the use of chemicals and insecticides for bed bug eradication is becoming less and less effective. That’s because bed bugs and other pests have evolved, making themselves resistant to certain chemicals by growing thicker exoskeletons or walking on their hind legs to better avoid over topical powders. 

But, in many cases, using a heat treatment for bed bug eradication is effective in just one use with a median of 1.3 visits across the industry. Our electric bed bug heaters are great for all types of situations, including: 

  • Homeowners looking for a do-it-yourself solution
  • Hotel and motel owners looking for an in-house solution
  • Cruise and cargo ship owners seeking a way to handle any pest problem that happens while you’re out on the water
  • Business owners looking for a way to control pests themselves without hiring an exterminator
  • Pest and bed bug exterminators looking to start a business, expand their business, or move away from using chemicals

When you order a Tri-Flo electric bed bug heater, you get free shipping on all domestic orders. 

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