Our Eradi-Flo heaters are safe, effective, environmentally friendly and ETL Listed. Using our proprietary design and patented airflow technology our Eradi-Flo heaters are easy to use for the application of heat and airflow necessary to kill bed bugs. These heaters can also be used to dry out moisture, or warm up a construction site.

When Eradi-Flo heaters are placed in a sealed space they circulate heated air gradually raising the ambient air to targeted temperatures over 135°F (57.2°C) to ensure complete eradication. The gradual rise in ambient temperature is crucial as bed bugs evacuate a room if the temperature rises too quickly or unevenly. Eradi-Flo raises the ambient temperature evenly and consistently to keep bed bugs within the treatment area for successful eradication.

​Our Eradi-Flo heaters sustain temperatures over 135°F (57.2°C) for the necessary number of hours required for the job. This is necessary for the heated air to completely penetrate the bed bug habitat. Colorado Tri-Flo recommends that temperatures are monitored every 30 minutes to assure the desired fatal temperatures are reached and maintained without damaging the space and its contents.

You never know where the bed bug will lurk………To battle bed bugs, Colorado Tri-Flo Systems offers a line of Eradi-Flo heaters specifically designed for pest control professionals, hotels, universities, hospitals, and property management companies to effectively and efficiently eradicate bed bugs.
To find out how easy our process is, download our Bed Bug Eradication Field Guide.

Want to get started killing bed bugs quickly? Below are our package recommendations. All packages come with fans and an infrared heat gun.

​Colorado Tri-Flo Systems can configure an Eradi-Flo heat system to work for you.

​​The Eradi-Flo product line is available in various wattage’s depending upon the power requirements as indicated in the table below:

Use this BTU calculator to determine the amount of BTU’s you need to heat your space for your desired application, killing bed bugs, drying out moisture, warming up you construction site.