Benefits Of Our Top-Rated Industrial Electric Heaters


Tri-flo industrial electric heaters can be used across many different industries for a variety of heating and drying applications.

Simple & Easy to use

Any trained member can easily set up our Tri-flo industrial electric heaters. We even provide FREE training (a $400 Value)!

Safe & Effective

Our industrial electric heaters are electric-safer and more effective than using chemicals or using gas systems that can produce carbon monoxide and may not work the first time.

High-Quality & Portable

Tri-Flo heaters are heavy-duty, yet lightweight and portable, for easy transportation.

Easy-To-Use Industrial Electric Heaters 

Our industrial electric heaters are perfect for any construction and restoration projects because we’ve made them portable, lightweight, and compatible with any standard electric outlet. This means that you can bring your heater with you to any site or building you need too. All you need is a 15 amp, 20 amp, 30 amp, or 50 amp electric outlet. Instead of renting equipment or purchasing heavy, fuel-powered heaters, invest in an electric heater that is safe and that you can bring with you anywhere you go. 

Shop our wide variety of restoration equipment packages to find the right heater for your business or project. 

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