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Industrial Electric Heaters for Property Managers

Keep your property free of pests and bed bugs

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Stop Worrying about Pest Infestations & Water Damage

Ron from Colorado Tri-Flo Systems is here to show you how our industrial electric heaters can help you manage your property without having to call in an exterminator or water restoration specialist.


Colorado Tri-Flo is a Spotta Authorized Reseller. Our partnership with the Spotta brand brings full-service smart pest detection and treatment to hospitality, care homes, housing associations, and other businesses. Spotta’s proactive approach to detection works alongside our Eradi-Flo heaters that can be run on multiple electric systems worldwide. Offering unique detection and 24/7 monitoring solutions, Spotta’s smart systems allow businesses to detect and react early and in a targeted manner to the presence of pests. This early action leads to a reduction in out of service room costs, pesticide use in treatment and minimizes overall damage caused by pests, eliminating them before large-scale infestations can take hold. Spotta uses artificial intelligence (to detect and classify the pests), a dedicated communication network (to notify of pests’ presence), and custom-designed hardware, for “fit and forget” installation. Its accommodation solution, the Bed Pod, has a 94.2% detection rate in detecting the presence of bed bugs. Protect your reputation by avoiding negative reviews, detect and destroy bed bugs discreetly and efficiently with the Spotta Tri-Flo solution.

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At Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, we’ve found that our industrial electric heaters are a powerful, do-it-yourself solution for any pest or bed bug infestation. When you manage an apartment complex or another type of property, we know that pests and bed bugs can find their way in. But we also know that it’s never fun to have an exterminator truck parked out front of your property or business to tackle your pest problem. With our industrial electric heaters, property managers are able to take bed bug and pest control into their own hands. All of our heaters are made to be durable yet lightweight while also operating with a standard power outlet, giving you an easy pest solution that you can start the moment you notice an infestation. Find the Industrial Electric Heater Package that works for you.

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Once you’ve eradicated a bed bug or pest problem in your home using our electric bed bug heaters, what can you do to ensure they don’t come back? Tri-Flo Prevent with GlowGuard® is an eco-friendly solution that helps protect your home and business against reinfestation. Just spray the GlowGuard® mixture throughout your space — it’s even safe to use on mattresses, carpet, drapes, and near electric outlets! Combine GlowGuard® with our electric bed bug heaters for pest-free results!

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But Why Heat? 

Unfortunately, chemicals are a fairly common way to take pest and bed bug infestations into your own hands. But different research is showing that pests are finding ways to become resistant to these chemicals. For example, some bugs have started growing thicker exoskeletons or walk on their back legs to avoid chemicals that are on the ground. 

But all pests have a certain amount of heat they are able to withstand. For bed bugs, that is between 117 and 121 degrees Fahrenheit (up to 49.4 degrees Celsius). So when you have a Tri-Flo industrial electric heater that will hold a temperature of 121 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time, you’ve found a chemical-free solution for ridding your property of bed bugs or other pests. 


But let’s look at the numbers. On average, treating bed bugs and pests with chemicals takes 2.6 visits. But, according to other studies, a heat treatment for bed bugs and other pests takes an average of 1.3 treatments. Not only does this save you the time and cost of multiple treatments, but it also keeps your property free from dangerous chemicals. 

Consider ordering a Tri-Flo industrial electric heater if you: 

  • Manage a property with the potential for pest or bed bug problems
  • Own a motel, hotel, or other hospitality business
  • Operate a cruise ship or cargo ship 
  • Run a pest control business and are looking for a chemical-free option
  • Are someone looking for a do-it-yourself pest control option 

All of our Tri-Flo industrial electric heaters come with free domestic shipping and our certification and training program so you can become the expert on your new heater. 

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Use GlowGuard® as a Second Defense Against Bed Bugs & Pests

At Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, we don’t just want to provide a solution for treating infestations after you already have them. Tri-Flow Prevent with GlowGuard® will prevent bed bugs and pests from returning to your property for up to 12 months. Our solution is non-toxic and eco-friendly, so just spray GlowGuard® around the property you want to protect. Try combining our GlowGuard® solution with our industrial electric heater for the best pest control option for any property you manage!

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​We have no problems heating hotel/motel rooms with a 10,000-watt unit and a 5,000-watt unit in a few hours, and consistently reach temperatures of 130–150 degrees. We have been able to heat single-family homes up to 2100 square ft. utilizing all available units we own, in 7–8 hours of run time. We have had nothing but success using your heat systems.

- Todd Grebleski, Owner Pest Control Solutions


​The 5000 watt unit gets hot, really hot. We like the fact that we can run 208 to 240 volts through it though at less than 30 or even 20 amps. This fits nicely with our set up on our spider box and generator combo.

- Richard Estrada II, President /Operator, ATCO Pest Control

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If you’re a property manager or business owner, find an industrial electric heater that is safe, easy-to-use, and will ensure you can handle any bed bug or pest problem by yourself and with one heat treatment.

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