Choose Tri-Flo When It Comes To Your Electric Bed Bug Heaters

While Tri-Flo is based in the continental United States, we understand that bed bugs are an international problem. In fact, they’ve become a pest in the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, and other international countries.

When you notice a bed bug problems — especially if you’re a business owner — time and speed is of the essence! That’s what makes access to effective equipment vital, making our Tri-Flo electric bed bug heaters a valuable asset for whatever property or project you have.

Order directly from Colorado Tri-Flo Systems and find a powerful heater to help you with whatever problem you and your business have.

Order electric bed bug heaters in the U.S.

All orders of electric bed bug heaters that are placed within the continental U.S. come with free shipping. Our team has a strong commitment to providing you with the best thermal solutions to destroy the source of your bed bug problem.

Register your new product to take advantage of the two-year warranty and take your best bug (or water damage) into your own hands!

Ordering electric bed bug heaters from Canada

Colorado Tri-Flo Systems has partnered with Candian company Bed Bug SOS, one of the largest bed bug product suppliers in Canada. This connection allows Tri-Flo heaters to help local Candian business owners.

If you order directly from Tri-Flo, we can ship your new heater from Canada, giving you all the benefits that come with purchasing from Tri-Flo. That includes our two-year warranty and access to our training and certification program.

Ordering electric bed bug heaters Internationally

For International Inquiries, contact Mr. Raja Mahendran — an International Pest Business Consultant.

Mahendran has more than 30 years working for two leading multinational manufacturers in the pest control industry. He has been based in global marketing and strategic management positions in Australia, France, and Switzerland. For more information about purchasing electric bed bug heaters internationally, visit Mahendran’s website at:

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