We accomplish this by designing and building portable heaters that efficiently heat large and small areas using a patented airflow design. This innovative design exchanges the air several times per hour while sustaining a warm even heat. Typical space heaters put out hot stinging air directly around them using radiant elements, shields or dishes that get extremely hot and pose both a fire and safety hazard. Our heaters evenly heat and condition the air in a larger area based on your specific needs.


Determining your heating requirements is critical in configuring the proper heating solution for the most effective bed bug treatment.

Physical heating requirements are largely a function of the following:

  • The cubic room size (length x width x height)
  • Power available – 120 volts (20 amp), 240 volts (30 amp or 50 amp)

Insulation quality

  1. being poorly insulated or with many windows
  2. moderately insulated
  3. well insulated

Level of infestation

  • The amount of bed bugs and number of rooms to be treated

Desired duration of eradication

  • The number of bed bug heaters used can reduce the eradication time

​The Eradi-Flo product line is available in various wattage’s depending upon the power requirements as indicated in the table below:

Want to get started killing bed bugs quickly?

Below are our package recommendations. All packages come with fans and a laser infrared thermometer.


Heating for the Cleaning Services Industry

​Need warm air at high speeds to dry out areas damaged by water, rain, or snow? Our heaters can provide significant BTU’s and airflow to dry out areas faster and more efficiently than other types of equipment.


Heating for Construction Sites

​Our heaters afford a broad range of sizes to be used in most typical commercial enterprises. They are portable, efficient, safe and made in America.

Eliminate the cost and hassle of propane salamanders and heaters.

  • Our electric units have no risk of combustion or carbon monoxide
  • Safer, more convenient and poses no risk on the job
  • No fumes from combustion to taint your paint color
  • Far more convenient and less intrusive on a job site
  • Use electricity available at the job site

Heating for Out Buildings

Out Buildings

Whatever the size of your out building we have a unit that can accommodate the space and electrical service you need.

Our industrial 10,000 watt units are ideal for establishing zoned heating grids in large areas that need ambient heat. They can be installed as the primary or supplemental heat source dependent on customer need and requirements.

Have a garage that is sometimes too cold to work in? Rely on Tri-Flo heaters to bring efficient ambient heat to your workspace. Easy to install in your ceiling by any electrician and capable of hooking in to a thermostat and/or timer, you control your heating cycle to meet your work space needs. Why pay expensive gas heater installation fees or rely on propane when efficient, clean and safe electrical power meets the need?

A Tri-Flo heating unit is great when the barn is just a little too cold to work in. Our unit can keep the room temperature at a maintainable ambient level to let you get your work done without hassling with propane, gas or kerosene. You determine the application of heat and electricity use to meet your needs, regardless of the season.