Oh, no!

Bed bugs have raided your hotel, motel, apartment complex, living facility, or dormitory.

They’re everywhere, causing you to have to shutter down your rental availability while you scour your options for the best and fastest way to get rid of bed bugs.

You’d better act fast, though.

The longer the bed bugs are crawling around in there, the more money you’re losing. Not to mention the hit your reputation could be taking.

Why risk it?

For years, the status quo in the pest control industry has been to use chemical treatments to eradicate bed bugs, which may require multiple treatments over the course of several days.

But here’s the thing: They might not even be doing a good job.

Scientific research and pest control experts agree that chemicals are becoming less and less effective when it comes to destroying bed bugs.

That’s just too much cost and hassle for something that isn’t nearly as effective as the alternative.

Wait, there’s an alternative? That’s right.

Heat treatment to kill bed bugs has been proven to be the most effective method to eliminating those little pests from hotels, living facilities, and more.

Colorado Tri-Flo Systems provides the solution you need to destroy bed bugs effectively and efficiently so that you can get back to running your business with little to no interruption.

Doesn’t that sound great?

So let’s break it all the way down to understand why heat treatment, as opposed to the use of chemicals, is the fastest way to get rid of bed bugs.

Disadvantages of Chemicals

Insecticide-based chemical treatments used to be the way to go when it came to killing bed bugs.

And it worked…for awhile.

However, there are now documented new strains of bed bugs that are becoming increasingly resistant to chemicals. Like how an avid coffee drinker may develop a tolerance to the effects of caffeine, these little pests have developed thicker cuticles which protect them from the effects of these chemicals.

That means it’s taking more and more treatments – an average of 2.6 service visits, with 45 percent of cases requiring as many as three service visits – to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are also known to hide in locations that are hard to reach or even sometimes unreachable. If you can’t see and spray the bed bugs directly, chances are the chemicals aren’t reaching them.

Plus, spraying with chemicals causes bed bugs to scatter, making it even harder to ensure that you’ve properly covered the infested room or area.

Some items may even need to be discarded and replaced even after you’ve paid for chemical treatment service.

This isn’t even yet taking into account the residual effects that chemicals can have on not only the rooms and items that have been treated, but the people who are using these rooms and items.

Chemicals are toxic, and often times can produce harmful cumulative effects. That’s not a risk we would be willing to take.

Don’t miss out on a chance to make money or provide reputable services just because some bed bugs hitched a ride to one of your rooms. Utilize the alternative now!

Advantages of Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the fastest way to get rid of bed bugs.

That’s the bottom line: No if’s, and’s, or bugs about it.

Industry research has indicated that the average number of heat treatments required for a given area is 1.3, as opposed to the 2.6 average required for chemical treatment.

In many cases, using products like our electric bed bug heaters for commercial use can eliminate bed bugs in just one day, allowing you to get back to service in a safe, quick manner.

By owning your own electric bed bug heater for your facility, you can reduce your pest control costs and save lost revenue from chemical treatments, which sometimes force you to throw out and replace your bedding and materials anyway.

Heat treatment causes bed bugs to become lethargic prior to death, meaning they slow down and are unable to scatter or hide. The 121-135 degree heat from our bed bug heaters penetrates through even the sleekest of hiding places, ensuring that you’re getting a full eradication of bed bugs in all their harborages and in stages of life.
There are no residual odors, no risk to humans or animals, and no license required, meaning you or your staff can keep pests away from your hotel or facility without having to pay those insane pest control prices.

Bed bug heaters also allow you to take a proactive approach, meaning you can conduct routine heat treatments to ensure your facility remains bed bug-free; wouldn’t that be a nice certificate to hang on the wall?

Bed bug heaters are durable, energy efficient, and great at what they do – which is destroying bed bugs!

Stop using chemicals and stop wasting money.

Get a Colorado Tri-Flo Systems electric bed bug heater to kill bed bugs efficiently and effectively and get back to business today.