Benefits of Our Electric Construction Heaters


Most construction heaters are bulky and heavy. This makes it hard to move them from job site to job site. But our Tri-Flo electric construction heaters are lightweight so you can bring them anywhere with you. 


While we’ve made our Tri-Flo heaters lightweight, we know that you’ll be using them at construction sites. That’s why used metal to create a strong and long-lasting heater!


Our heaters are great for a variety of construction projects, including curing pain, drying drywall, heating construction spaces, or drying water. 

Standard Power

Just plug our Tri-Flo heater into any standard power outlet for a safe and easy solution you can bring with you to any construction project. 

Trust our Tri-Flo Electric Construction Heaters

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Replace your bulky and heavy electric construction equipment with an electric construction heater that is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. 

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