Bed bugs sure are pests.

By definition, of course, they are destructive insects that cause havoc on our hotels, motels, dormitories, living facilities and more.

But they’re also pests in the more informal translation. Bed bugs are a nuisance, annoying, and a major problem in the facility industry.

The unfortunate thing is, they’re here to stay.

Bed bugs are the ultimate hitchhiker, picking up on unsuspecting victims and traveling wherever they decide to lay their head for the night.

Unfortunately, that could be at your hotel, motel, Bed and Breakfast, or other lodging facility. It could be at your apartment or senior living facility. Those pesky bed bugs could mean trouble for your business, which ultimately affects your bottom line.

We’d hate to see that.

So, what is a business owner or facility manager to do?

That’s where we come in.

Welcome to Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, LLC. We manufacture and sell innovative, top-of-the line electric bed bug heaters which can keep your business up and running and kill bed bugs efficiently, effectively, and quickly.

Our patented “Tri-Flo” airflow technology provides a safe, efficient heat treatment for bed bugs that can be customized to meet your heating needs – whether it’s a large space or a single bed.

Oh, and did we mention that heat is actually the most effective way to destroy bed bugs?

That’s right. Our electric bed bug heaters provide the ultimate solution to eliminate those pesky bed bugs in as little as one day. Colorado Tri-Flo Systems’ bed bug equipment is built to kill bed bugs with just one use, as opposed to more harmful (and less effective) chemicals, which can require an average of nearly three visits.

That means you can get an infested room completely eradicated in just one day so that you can get back to business and not take a hit to your bottom line OR your reputation. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Well, then what are you waiting for?

Contact Colorado Tri-Flo Systems today. 

Don’t let bed bugs suck the life out of your business!

How It Works

Heat treatment to kill bed bugs has been proven to be the most efficient, safe, and economical means to destroy bed bugs in as little as one use.

With bed bugs becoming increasingly resistant to chemical treatments, heat is being utilized as the most trusted eradication method by industry experts.

Our electric bed bug heaters quickly reach temperatures up to 121 degrees fahrenheit, which penetrates even the sneakiest bed bug hiding spots and kills all stages of the bed bug with no chemical residues and a quicker turnaround.

But, Colorado Tri-Flo Systems sells more than just a regular old electric bed bug heater. Our new, innovative technology has “Wow’d” the heating industry with our patented airflow design, which radically changes the old standard and delivers higher air exchange and heating power not previously seen in such a way.

Our heating products work with airflow, creating a booster effect which not only decreses static pressure and resistance, but creates positive pressure resulting in a more focused air-stream so that heat can transfer more directly and effectively.

Even better, our electric bed bug heaters deliver more heat while saving more energy than any other portable heaters on the market, helping you save even more money. They have no risk of combustion or carbon monoxide production, posing no risk on the job, and you can use the electricity available right on site to plug in and start heating.

About Us

Colorado Tri-Flo Systems was formed in 2010 in Longmont, Colorado with over 30 years of experience in heat transfer, airflow dynamics, and manufacturing expertise.

We know all aspects of heating, inside and out, and specialize in our patented, innovative designs which are among the ultimate low-energy units you will find. Our products are more than just electric bed bug heaters and have multiple practical applications, including heating for the cleaning services industry, construction sites, buildings, garages, warehouses, and more.

We offer multiple sizes and packages of our patented electric bed bug heaters to fit whatever your eradication needs are, from our Tri-Flo 325 110 starter with three, 110-volt 20 amp heaters, a fan, and a laser infrared thermometer to our Eradi-Flo 10,000, which features three heaters (one 5,000 watt, two 1,800 watt), two fans, a laser infrared thermometer, and more.

Our products are offered at such competitive prices and allow for such a great ROI that you can’t afford NOT to buy one.

Contact us today to find out more and start killing bed bugs now.