Attention home improvement stores and rental centers: did you know there is one product that you are missing from your inventory?

Sure, you have all of the power tools, moving equipment, and other necessary items available for businesses and individuals alike to rent for quick DIY projects. But one thing that’s missing from all rental centers is an effective, easy do-it-yourself pest control method.

Until now.

Rental centers can now add Colorado Tri-Flo products to their rental inventory and not only see an uptick in customers, but an improved and enhanced bottom line.

It’s easy and cost-effective to add our electric bed bug heaters to your inventory, and offering these bed bug heaters for rent can add to your revenue stream in no time at all. No only will our proactive, one-of-a-kind heating solutions make your rental center more profitable, it will help it stand apart from the rest as a one-stop shop while also providing peace of mind for customers in need of such a solution.

What’s more, is that these electric bed bug heaters don’t have a “season” — customers will be renting them year-round for projects like bed bug eradication, construction site heating, flood restoration, paint curing, and more.

Learn more about the advantages of adding our Tri-Flo heaters to your rental center offerings and contact Colorado Tri-Flo Systems today to get started.

How You Can Profit

Of course the main objectives for any rental center are to:

  1. Make money by renting out necessary services or items.
  2. Help customers who can’t afford/don’t need to purchase certain equipment in order to complete a product.

By adding Colorado Tri-Flo Systems’ heating equipment to your rental center offerings, you will meet and exceed these objectives. Our electric bed bug heaters and restoration equipment pays for itself after just a handful of rentals. But what really sets our products apart from other items in your rental center inventory is their versatility.

Here are just a few practical rental applications for Tri-Flo products:

  • Construction Projects: Heat is essential for the construction industry, handymen, and do-it-yourselfers alike. Whether these businesses and/or individuals need efficient heat to warm up workspaces, finish drywall projects, cure paint, heat and dry damp areas/crawl spaces, or keep equipment from freezing, no gas-based heater works as efficiently as a Tri-Flo electric heater.
  • Flood Restoration: Dealing with the aftermath of a burst pipe or flooded basement, crawlspace, or other area can be frustrating and overwhelming. But with the proper equipment, this job can be streamlined. Our electric restoration heaters are ideal for drying out carpet, crawlspaces, and entire basements in both residential and commercial buildings after a flood event.
  • Bed Bug Eradication: Perhaps the best application for our equipment. These electric bed bug heaters provide the ambient heat necessary to kill bed bugs in all stages more effectively and in half the time as chemical solutions. Pest professionals, individuals, and facility managers alike can rent and use this equipment themselves without having to hire a professional exterminator.

Benefits Of Tri-Flo Heaters

Tri-Flo heaters are more efficient, more reliable, and more cost-effective for rental centers because of a number of reasons. While you may have gas heaters or other electric heaters in your rental center inventory, they surely can’t produce like our electric bed bug heaters. Some of our products’ advantages include:

  • Dual airflow ports
  • Maintains low humidity/provides dry heat
  • Plugs into the electrical outlets on site
  • Only one outlet required per heater
  • Cheaper and safer than propane/kerosene
  • Portable
  • Customers can easily use on their own
  • Manufactured in the United States

Improve your rental center offerings and get the best electric bed bug/restoration heaters available. Contact Colorado Tri-Flo Systems today.