If you’re a family that’s always on the go, you have enough on your plate as it is.

From getting the kids ready to making sure you don’t forget your toothbrush, getting ready for trip – whether it’s for work or a long overdue vacation – can sometimes be stressful.

If that’s the case, then you might want to strap in for a second. There’s some more bad news.

According to the National Pest Management Association, the amount of infestations caused by bed bugs are actually on the rise in America. In fact, according to a report by ABC News, the NPMA estimated a 71 percent increase in the amount of bed bug cases between 2001 and 2010.

What’s more, these little creepy, crawly, pesky critters are in more places than just run-down hotel rooms.

Bed bugs are known as the most common (and annoying) form of hitchhiker, often latching on to unsuspecting victims and invading even the most respectable areas, from five star hotels to movie theaters to your own home.

Of course, because they are so small and hard to notice, often times people are blissfully unaware that they might be dealing with an infestation. And that’s a terrifying prospect, isn’t it?

OK, now for some good news.

Since you’re now fully aware that bed bugs could be anywhere, now you can begin taking preventative measures in order to avoid getting attacked and infested on your next trip.

Check It Out Before You Check In

Before you choose your hotel, be sure to do a decent amount of research about their standards and quality of service. Browse through some online reviews and some news clippings to see if they’ve had any issues with bed bugs before.

While it’s not necessarily fair to blame hotels for one or two outbreaks every so often, a pattern of infestations and a long history of not taking the proper steps to get rid of bed bugs, such as by not using electric bed bug heaters, could be a major red flag.

Plus, some hotels will tell you outright that they are careful to take detection and prevention of bed bugs seriously. These are the ones you want to trust.

Inspect For Yourself

Like we said, bed bugs are the ultimate hitchhikers. All it takes is for one unsuspecting person to have a tag-along, and all of a sudden even a nice hotel with stellar reviews could have a problem on their hands. So, once you get to your hotel of choice, be sure to head straight for the bathroom and put your luggage in there first.

Bed bugs have a tendency to latch on to anything they can crawl on, including baggage and suitcases, and chances are the bathroom is the safest place in the room because of the tile flooring and lack of hiding spots.

Next, perform a thorough inspection of your own; bed bugs are small, but still noticeable if you look closely enough. Check the sheets, chairs, lamp shades, and anywhere else for little creepy bugs that look like apple seeds with tiny antennae.

Even one bed bug sighting is enough to call in reinforcements, so if you see something then be sure you speak up to the manager immediately.

Get An Electric Bed Bug Heater

Perhaps you’ve already dealt with a bed bug invasion in your own home. Or, perhaps you’re a manager at a well-known hotel in town and know what the protocol is.

In any case, the best tip for bed bug prevention is to own your own electric bed bug heater. These innovative solutions are known to emit radiant heat that kills bed bugs in all stages, in as little as a few hours. Plus, your electric heater can also be of use during construction or restoration projects.

Get your own electric bed bug heaters today from Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, and happy travels!