If you’ve recently discovered bed bugs in your home or business, you’re probably scrambling to find a way to get rid of them — permanently. As you search for solutions, you’ll notice that there are a variety of methods used by bed bug exterminators, ranging from harshers chemicals to heat treatments.

At Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, our bed bug professionals trust heat. That’s why we’ve developed our electric bed bug heaters to help ensure that your home or business can handle any bed bug problem. In this article, we’re here to help you learn how to get rid of bed bugs for good. Learn why heat is an effective solution for eradicating any bed bug problem and see other steps you can take to ensure those bed bugs won’t come back.

If you’re looking for bed bug heaters for sale, you can shop our selection of electric bed bug heaters to find the right heater for your infestation. Our heater size range in size so whether you’re a commercial business owner or a single homeowner, you can tackle your bed bug problem.

Bed Bugs And Heat

We’ve already mentioned that our Colorado Tri-Flo team trusts heat when it comes to tackling bed bugs. But why?

We know that bed bugs are hard to kill. They also like to hide in hard-to-reach spaces throughout your home or business, including mattresses, box springs, carpet, baseboards, or even nail-sized indentations in the wall. The spaces we live and work are usually around 65 degrees. But the lethal temperature for bed bugs is much higher, between 117 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

That lethal temperature range is why our Colorado Tri-Flo electric bed bug heaters heat up to 121 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that kills bed bugs in any stage.

But Why Aren’t Chemicals Better?

There will always be the heat versus chemical debate. Both chemicals and heat are widely used treatments for getting rid of bed bugs. But over the years, bed bugs have become resistant to certain chemicals, making those treatments less effective or entirely ineffective. Furthermore, some bed bugs now have thicker exoskeletons to protect them from chemicals and have the ability to walk on their hind legs over topical powders to keep those chemicals from coming in contact with their body.

This is where heat comes in. At certain temperatures, bed bugs can no longer stand the heat. Unlike chemicals, which they can evolve to avoid, there is no escaping heat. Also heat permeates the entire room whereas chemicals are limited to the areas in which they are applied. This makes heat treatments the most efficient, safe, and economical ways to get rid of a bed bug problem.


If you’re a business, heat is a discrete and fast way to ensure all bed bugs are removed from your building.

Colorado Tri-Flo electric bed bug heaters are small and portable, making them completely discrete, especially when it comes to businesses. That means your guests won’t have to watch a large exterminator van pull up in front of your building.

Save Time

We’ve talked about how effective heat treatments are. This also speeds up the process. Instead of waiting for chemicals to work, you can heat the infested room to a lethal temperature and know that all bed bugs are killed quickly and effectively. This will save you (and your commercial business) precious time and resources.

Energy Efficient

Furthermore, our electric bed bug heaters leave a low carbon footprint and can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet. When you’re looking at other chemicals that can be dangerous to your guests, family, or yourself, heat is both energy efficient and good for the environment.


Now that you’ve treated the room with heat, take some time to vacuum. This will make sure you’ve cleaned all traces of bed bugs, dead or alive.


One of the signs of bed bugs is stains on sheets and mattresses. Take time to wash any infested items in warm water. The warm water will make sure any last stray bed bugs are taken care of.


If you had a large bed bug infestation, especially if you’re a hotel or motel owner, it doesn’t hurt to repeat your heat treatment every 2–3 weeks. This ensures that you get rid of any larvae and eggs that might have been left behind hidden in cracks or the walls.

Prevent Their Return

Once you’ve used an electric bed bug heater to get rid of any bed bugs, your next priority is making sure that they don’t return.

Watch For Signs

Take some time to research the signs of bed bugs. Now that you have your own electric bed bug heater, the second you see the signs you can eradicate the problem. Signs that you have a bed bug problem can include:

  • Traces of bed bug activity including brownish red, rust colored stains on or around your bed.
  • A sickly sweet odor — like almonds — around your bed area.
  • Finding discarded bed bug shells around your mattress, along with tiny eggs.
  • Small bites on your arms and legs or the arms and legs of your clients.
  • An actual bed bug sighting — if there’s one, there’s probably more.

The Best Electric Bed Bug Heaters

We hope that this guide helps you feel prepared when it comes to conquering any bed bug infestation. While other solutions might sound effective and safe, nothing beats treating bed bugs with heat. You won’t find a better, more effective, and safe solution.

Order electric bed bug heaters for sale from Colorado Tri-Flo Systems today and take control of your next bed bug infestation!

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