The Ultimate Solution

Bed bugs are a nuisance.

As a hotel owner, facility manager, or maybe even a cleaning professional, you know that just as well as anybody.

That’s why you need commercial bed bug heaters from Colorado Tri-Flo Systems. What makes our Eradi-Flo heaters the right solution for the job? Simple.

Some of the many advantages of our electric, portable, commercial-grade heaters include:

  • Metal Construction: Provides maximum durability for commercial use
  • Dual Airflow Ports: Doubles the output of heated air to cover a wider area
  • Electric-Based Heat Treatment: Cheaper and safer than chemicals and fumigation to kill bed bugs
  • Raised Ambient Temperature: Ensures bed bugs become lethargic as room gets hotter, ultimately rendering them unable to hide
  • Use On-Site Electricity: Plugs right into the 110V or 220V outlet in the room; only one outlet required per heater, no need to find several circuits to run a single heating unit
  • Portable: Heavy duty, yet lightweight and easy to move
  • Ease Of Use: Staff can be easily trained to use without having to hire outside professionals

We have a number of One-Stop Solutions available to help you rid your facility of bed bugs in as little as one treatment. Contact Colorado Tri-Flo Systems today or buy commercial bed bug heaters online today.

Why Use Heat To Kill Bed Bugs?

Industry data, scientific research, and pest control experts alike all agree that using heat to kill bed bugs is the fastest, most effective, and most affordable way to eliminate these pests in one fell swoop. There are a number of different perspectives on using heat vs. chemicals to kill bed bugs, but the facts really speak for themselves.

Studies show that on average, heat treatment eliminates the presence of bed bugs with just one treatment lasting but a few hours. That means you can get your room or living space up and running again as soon as the next day after a treatment.

Compared to the 2.6 treatments required by chemical programs, it’s a no brainer: commercial bed bug heaters are the best way to free your space from these creepy crawlers.