If you are the owner of a hotel or bed and breakfast in Colorado, or you are one of the unlucky ones who brought home an unwanted souvenir from your last trip, then you need a fast and readily available solution for getting rid of bed bugs. The good news is, that you have now found this blog, so you can stop searching the web and save yourself both time and frustration by not falling for bed bug “solutions” that are posted all over the internet, but don’t actually work. At Colorado Tri-Flo Systems in Longmont, CO we are dedicated to providing Top Rated National® certified bed bug equipment to help businesses get back up and running quickly after discovering bed bugs. So take it from us — getting rid of bed bugs with heat, specifically with our Eradi-Flo commercial bed bug heaters, is the ultimate solution.   

Easy & Hands-Free (For The Most Part)

Getting rid of bed bugs can sound like a daunting task. Especially when you find “solutions” like setting up bed bug traps and steaming EVERYTHING in the room. Who has the time for that? Definitely not business owners. The good news is with our Eradi-Flo commercial bed bug heater line, you can get the infested room set up with our bed bug heater equipment within minutes, and after that you can leave and get your other work done while the bed bug heaters take care of your bed bug problem.   


A popular “solution” to getting rid of bed bugs is by using pesticides. These harsh chemicals, however, can cause skin and eye irritation, nerve damage, and are even linked to cancer. Not to mention, this “solution” to getting rid of bed bugs isn’t even effective. Chemicals can only kill bed bugs if they come in direct contact with the bed bugs, and even then the critters are becoming more and more resistant to the active ingredients found in bed bug pesticides. By getting rid of bed bugs with heat, you don’t have to worry about compromising your health or the health of others and you can rest assured the heat is killing both bed bugs and their eggs — even the ones that are not out in the open.  

You Can Keep Your Stuff

Sometimes it may seem like your bed bug infestation is so severe that the only solution is throwing out all of your stuff. By getting rid of bed bugs with heat, you don’t have to! Our Eradi-Flo commercial bed bug heaters kill all bed bugs and eggs no matter how bad the infestation is.

It Works The First Time

If you’ve tried bed bug traps, foggers, or steaming before, you know it often takes multiple attempts to get rid of bed bugs — if it even works at all. By getting rid of bed bugs with heat using our Eradi-Flo bed bug equipment, you only have to set up and run the heaters once to exterminate all of the bed bugs in the room.

Save yourself time and sanity by getting rid of bed bugs with heat. Learn more about Colorado Tri-Flo Systems’ One-Stop Solutions for eradicating bed bugs today!