1. How Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work?

    By now we all know that heat treatment is the fastest way to get rid of bed bugs. It’s also the most efficient, safe, and economical means to eliminate the pesky little pests. Don’t just take our word for it. The science suggests that bed bugs are becoming more and more resistant to chemical tre…Read More

  2. How Do Hotels Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs have been a problem in hotels for decades. Of course, it’s not always the fault of the hotel, motel, or other facility. Bed bugs are pests who don’t discriminate, after all, which means they hitch rides with unsuspecting victims no matter where they go. It could be a five-star hotel in …Read More

  3. Bed Bug Removal: Heat vs. Chemicals

    Oh, no! Bed bugs have raided your hotel, motel, apartment complex, living facility, or dormitory. They’re everywhere, causing you to have to shutter down your rental availability while you scour your options for the best and fastest way to get rid of bed bugs. You’d better act fast, though. The …Read More

  4. Welcome to Our Blog

    Bed bugs sure are pests. By definition, of course, they are destructive insects that cause havoc on our hotels, motels, dormitories, living facilities and more. But they’re also pests in the more informal translation. Bed bugs are a nuisance, annoying, and a major problem in the facility industry.…Read More

  5. News-Medical.Net Bed Bug News Feed

    VIDEO Bed bugs take over a Denver woman's apartment VIDEO Few answers for tenants of Denver apartment complex infested by bed bugs. New study shows early signs of resistance among bed bugs to two commonly used insecticides Pest management professionals battling the ongoing resurgence of bed bugs are…Read More


    Patented bed bug thermal solutions now available for the full range of onsite power requirements. Longmont, Colo. — Colorado Tri-Flo announces that their Eradi-Flo 1400-watt (ER1400) bed bug heater is now ETL Listed. This listing completes the Eradi-Flo family of bed bug heaters to address the pow…Read More