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Ron from Colorado Tri-Flo Systems talks about the benefits of using our industrial electric heaters for a wide variety of solutions.

Where The Bed Bugs Are

See the Benefits of Our Top-Rated Industrial Electric Heaters

Our Tri-Flo industrial electric heaters can be used by a variety of clients for pest control and restoration projects including: property management, hospitality, cruise ships, cargo ships, and international businesses.

These industrial electric heaters are safe to use. Why? Since they only require a standard power outlet to operate, they are much safer than chemicals or gas systems that produce carbon monoxide.

All of our industrial electric heaters come with free training so you can use it yourself. This means that any trained member can easily use our Tri-Flo heater, which means you don’t have to hire a team of professionals!

Nothing beats a lightweight, portable industrial electric heater. We’ve designed our Tri-Flo heater to be heavy-duty so you can easily transport it to any job site, room, or location where you need heat.



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  1. Restoration Heat

    Tri-Flo Donates Heaters for Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort Colorado Tri-Flo Systems donated heaters to help dry out people’s homes after Hurricane Harvey. We used the heater to dry our house out aft…Read More

    "K. Mott - Houston TX"



    ​The 5000 watt unit gets hot, really hot. We like the fact that we can run 208 to 240 volts through it though at less than 30 or even 20 amps. This fits nicely with our set up on our spider box and …Read More

    Richard Estrada II, President /Operator, ATCO Pest Control

When it comes to industrial electric heaters

Safe, effective, portable, and free domestic shipping.

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